Two independent Dutch journalists Stefan Beck and Michel Spekkers were detained by the Dutch police shortly after their return from the trip to Donbass. The police confiscated all collected work, in particular about the Boeing tragedy. Phone, camera and laptop also were seized. 


“Upon arrival to the Netherlands, all materials collected by Michel Spekkers and me on MH17 crash in Donbass,  as well as other materials, such as street interviews were confiscated by the police. Among the materials were also images of anonymous sources. The Dutch prosecutors say that they themselves would not be able to collect such material as the region where the plane crashed is too dangerous. However, during our stay in the area, we have made sure that it is not like that.


Invalid argument from the Prosecutors Office and confiscation of materials (including images) gives every reason to doubt the transparency and credibility of the investigation”, writes Stefan Beck.


Colleagues asked for the maximum dissemination of this information.