On Friday, January 6, the US 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division in Eastern Europe began unloading military equipment in the German city of Bremerhaven as part of the unit’s new deployment, Deutsche Welle reported.




In Bremerhaven, this military hardware will be loaded onto railway cars and then sent to its destination in Poland. According to the Bundeswehr, 900 railcars with a total length of 14 kilometers will be required to transport the equipment.


On January 4, the transport ship Resolve docked in the German port. The ships Freedom and Endurance should reach the coast of Germany no later than January 8. The main part of more than 4,000 soldiers included in the deployment will be airlifted to the Brigade’s headquarters in Poland.


Washington’s plans to deploy an armored brigade to Eastern Europe first became known in April of last year. The expansion of the US military contingent in the region is due to the concerns of NATO over Russia’s “aggressive course”.


The group will be divided into smaller units, which will then be placed on a rotational in different countries. Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania are expected to be the first countries of deployment.


According to Russia’s permanent representative to NATO, Alexander Grushko, the deployment will “further complicate the already existing difficult relations” between Russia and NATO. He described the intention of the US military leadership as “another step in consolidating NATO’s changeover to confrontational security schemes”.