Right Sector’s neo-Nazis launched manhunt on the retired officer Oleg Efimov, who brought flowers under the Russian consulate in Odessa in the memory of those who died in the recent plane crash. Everyone saw a video where bold resident of Odessa wasn’t afraid to oppose the leader of the Right Sector. Nationalists couldn’t put up with such a dismissive attitude and began to press him morally.




The Ukrainian media published personal information about the person, his address, phone number, links to pages in social networks, and various biographical details. Moreover there was threat of violence and physical attack.


After data revealing Oleg Efimov started to receive massive threats and requirements to leave Odessa.


In modern Ukrainian history there already were cases where dissidents were killed after similar appeals and personal data reveals. One of them was the murder of Ukrainian columnist Oles Buzina in April, 2015.


We should help this person and spread this information as much as we can.
Unfortunately, political persecution became the norm in today’s Ukraine and human rights defenders are in no hurry to deal with such cases. Law enforcement agencies are in the stage of coma and can’t help in this situation. Therefore, united together we can help this person.