Moldovan President Igor Dodon and leader of unrecognized Transnistrian republic Vadim Krasnoselsky have agreed priority goals at their first meeting in the city of Bender, Krasnoselsky’s press service said on Wednesday as the talks were held in Transnistria.




“Our duty is to seek solutions to everyday problems of people on both banks of the Dniester River, to do everything possible so that they can feel the growth of their well-being. Certainly, there are some complicated issues and there are different visions but it does not mean we should not sit at the negotiating table or discuss and resolve our citizens’ problems,” Dodon said, noting since 2008 Moldovan presidents had not paid visits to the unrecognized republic so many issues pending solutions had accumulated.


Moldova’s president was hopeful that in in the near future a new meeting will take place with focus on detailed decisions and terms for their implementation.


“As for other knottier issues, time will pass and we will solve them basing on the results we are going to reach now,” he said.


“We need to create conditions so people were not held hostage to politics and politicians’ decisions were for the people’s benefit. We need to respect the people in Transnistria and Moldova and search for a compromise in any case,” Krasnoselsky said.


The talks focused on free movements of people, railway connection, communications and recognition of documents, he said.


“There was a contact. The meeting was intense and then the two sides’ work should follow,” the Transnistrian leader said, adding the political status of the unrecognized republic was not on the table of talks.