The Pechersky District Court in Kiev is currently considering the appeal of the Prosecutor General’s Office for a permission to launch a pretrial investigation in absentia over accusing Yanukovych of treason. Yanukovych’s lawyers have asked the questioning via videoconference, but the request has been rejected by the court.




“Viktor Yanukovych’s lawyers have lodged a lawsuit to the District Administrative Court of Kiev against the Pechersky District Court of the capital to ensure the constitutional right of their client on justice and on provision of testimony on the cases, in which he is a suspect,” the statement added.


According to the statement, the lawyers hope that the court would implement the demands of the country’s constitution and would question Yanukovych.


In late November, Yanukovych, who is currently residing in Russia, testified in the case on the 2014 Maidan turmoil via a video linkup with Kiev. During the hearing, it was announced that Yanukovich was suspected of treason.