Russia will never agree with Donbass returning to Ukraine while the current government believes the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk are ‘inferior’, said Director of the Center for Current Politics Alexey Chesnakov.




“While fascists, nationalists, and just crazy people like the Minister of Culture who considers the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk as “genetically inferior, are in power in Kiev, Russia will never agree with such move”, he said.


As for the elections in the region, the current Kiev government is afraid of them and does everything possible to delay the process, said Chesnakov.


“Poroshenko is afraid of the local elections in the Donbass as these elections should be held under OSCE supervision, no one can challenge the results, – said the expert. – The President of Ukraine knows that Ukraine will inevitably lose the elections”.


Chesnakov also noted that Ukraine “is an unstable state in its territorial structure and political organization”. “It is definitely going to change, both outside and inside”, Chesnakov told.


The expert also recalled the difficulties which Kiev has encountered “on the way to Europe”. “Ukraine’s sufferings on the European integration issue are indicative. Ukraine been demonstrated its proper place – the country of second, if not the third-rate which gaves an amendment of the impossibility to join the EU in future”.


“Apparently, Russia is going to wait till Ukraine will receive a new political mandate, after that we can talk about further negotiations”, concluded the expert.


Ukraine is not able to ensure the integration of Donbass, said editor of the “Russian Reporter” magazine Vitaly Leibin. “As long as the current regime will remain in power, Donbass won’t return to Ukraine, there woul’d be no promotion. Ukraine in its current form can not provide conditions for the returning of Donbass”.


Actions of the current government are, in fact, anti-Ukrainian, they are contrary to the aspirations of the population. “The government itself now occupies anti-Ukrainian position”. This is evidenced, in particular, with the recent “pointless provocation in Debaltsevo”, which killed Ukrainian soldiers, as well as “anti-popular pro-oligarchy economic policy” conducted by the Kiev regime.


“Regime is unpopular. This is indicated by the polls. Therefore, when Kiev doesn’t comply with the Minsk agreements, it does not express the interests of the Ukrainian people”, the expert said.


Ukrainian authorities don’t stop before the armed provocations in the Donbass, which can lead again to full-scale hostilities. “They don’t need lives of Donbass population, they need only to preserve their power”, he added. Under these conditions, the population of the region have no choice but to develop relations with Russia.