A military source told SANA that an army unit thwarted an attack by terrorists from ISIS coming from Rasem al-Kama towards Nasralla village at the surrounding of the Air Force College in Aleppo countryside.


The source said that the clashes resulted in destroying three SUVs and killing a number of terrorists.



An army unit, in cooperation with popular defense groups, thwarted an attack by a terrorist group belonging to ISIS on a military post in the northeastern countryside of Sweida province.


A military source said that an army unit clashed with an ISIS terrorist group that infiltrated from the road linking the villages of Saad and al-Qaser towards Tal Banat Baer area northeastern Sweida, with the unit foiling the attack, leaving the members of the terrorist group dead or injured, and destroying their weapons.


The source pointed out that another army unit targeted an ISIS gathering in al-Qaser village, killing many terrorists, injuring others, and destroying their weapons.



An army unit carried out concentrated operations against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Daraa al-Balad area in Daraa province.


A military source told SANA that the operations targeted terrorists’ fortifications and gatherings on the Tariq al-Sad, al-Tollabia Square, to the east of Popular Credit Bank, and at the surrounding of al-Naziheen Camp Park, killing many of the terrorists and injuring others.