“No evidence or facts indicating a possibility of an act of terrorism or diversion on board of the aircraft have been found yet,” the FSB said in the statement.




It said eyewitnesses of the Tu-154 plane’s fall have been established, and added that a video recording was available.


The main working versions into the Tu-154 crash early Sunday remain a foreign object penetrating the engine, poor fuel quality leading to loss of power and engine failure, pilot error and the aircraft’s malfunction, the FSB said.


The Tu-154 aircraft en route to Syria from Moscow crashed soon after takeoff near Russia’s Black Sea resort of Sochi early Sunday. The plane was carrying 92 people including eight crew members, 64 musicians of the Alexandrov Ensemble, nine reporters, head of Spravedlivaya Pomoshch (Fair Aid) charity Elizaveta Glinka, and two federal civil servants.


All the passengers and crew members are feared dead.