Abu Khamis was killed in pre-planned Iraqi security forces operation west of Al-Dur in eastern Tikrit, According to Al-Alam reports.




Meanwhile US-led coalition airstrikes on western Anbar and an IED blast in Kirkuk have killed several Islamic State (ISIS) militants, military and militia sources said Monday.


Dozens of ISIS terrorists were killed west of Anbar’s town of Haditha when coalition fighter jets bombed their vehicles before a planned attack on the town, said Nazem al Jugheifi, an intelligence officer for Al Hashd Al Shaabi forces in the province.


In Kirkuk, a security source was quoted by Alsumaria News as saying that four ISIS members were killed and two others were wounded when an explosive device went off at Al Abbasi-Hawija road southwest of the province.


The group imposed tight measures at the scene of the blast to evacuate its casualties, according to the source, who asked not to be named.