The forum of regional Polish community, held in Lvov, decided to ask the Kiev junta economic autonomy for the Lvov region. According to the participants, it should contribute to the improvement of economic ties with Poland.



Chairman of the Association of Poles in Lvov region Sergey Lukyanenko stated that the backwardness of the region from the neighboring Polish provinces is 50 years. While in Lvov, according to him, at least there is the prospect, in contrast to the other regions. He says that Poland will give Lvov citizens “the opportunity to realize themselves”, but the intervention of the Kiev authorities will only interfere, reports “Press Ukraine”.


In turn, Senator of the Polish Sejm Jan Zharin, representing the party “Law and Justice”, said that Warsaw should do more to meet their compatriots in Eastern Galicia. Lvov, in his opinion, always “was faithful to Poles,” and today they exist as a people in particular due to the former Lemberg.


Ex-Deputy of the Lvov regional Council Zinovy Bermes said that the Ukrainian leadership is not able to contribute to the economic development of regions in general and Lvov region in particular, so they need to find a solution on the spot, namely through cooperation with Poland.


Historian and Professor at the Catholic University Andrey Pavlyshyn expressed the view that without the activation of the relations with the neighboring country, Ukrainian region will soon pass into the category of depressing.


The forum participants adopted a resolution, which is going to be sent to Kiev. One of the requirements of this document is to provide the Lvov right to make their own decisions on economic policy, primarily to enhance offline relationships in the region with Poland.