Outgoing US President Barack Obama is causing damage to its own country by imposing new anti-Russia sanctions amid growing global terrorist threat, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Saturday.


“Yet another, the second in three days, expansion of US sanctions against Russia, imposed amid bloody attacks in Ankara and Berlin that, it would seem, should unite sensible people in confronting the terrorist threat, indicates a complete loss of the sense of reality in Washington… This administration is hurting its own country, which image is losing credit as a result of such reckless policy even among those who are far from politics,” the ministry said.


Russia’s entities, subjected to US sanctions, will continue their usual way of functioning, the Russian Foreign Ministry added.


“They cannot hurt us with sanctions. Russia’s companies linked to Crimea, the enterprises of agrarian, energy and military-industrial complexes, Tempbank cooperating with Syrian partners, and other structures, the outgoing US administration turned against, will continue normal operation,” the ministry said in a statement.


According to a document prepared for the publication in the Federal Register on Friday, the US Department of Commerce has added 23 Russian entities to its Ukraine-related sanctions list.


Moreover, the US Department of the Treasury has added nine individuals associated with the Moscow-based Tempbank to its Syria-related sanctions list.