A post-election poll finds that a tiny number of Trump voters have come to regret their vote, while a group four times larger now says they wish they hadn’t voted for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.



The poll found that fully 99 percent of Trump’s voters would still pull the lever for him if the election were today instead of a month ago, meaning Trump has only lost one percent of support in the six weeks since Election Day, the New York Post reported this week.


But Hillary’s support has eroded faster. Pew found that 96 percent of Hillary’s supporters say they’d still vote for her today. However, compared to the mere one percent Trump lost, Hillary has lost four percent of her supporters.


The writer of the Post piece, Salena Zito, noted that some Democrat Trump voters are sick and tired over how they are being portrayed in the media.


Zito talked to a middle-aged married couple from Virginia who are Democrat Trump supporters, and they said they have about had it.


“On Nov. 8 I went from a responsible, hard-working, upstanding citizen to an uninformed bigot who gleefully supports Russian interference in our elections and the destruction of our republic. At least that’s what I have read in the newspaper or seen on television,” Robert from Virginia told Zito.


In another conversation, a Democrat named Elizabeth expressed similar frustrations.


“It astounds me that the press still doesn’t get it, that my party (Democrats) are blaming everyone but themselves for a poor message, poor messenger and the responsibility she bears for placing her email security in jeopardy… it’s not Comey’s fault. It’s hers,” the woman said of Hillary.


Zito, you may recall, was the writer who during the campaign warned the left that Trump’s support was a whole lot deeper in Pennsylvania than the pollsters were admitting. It was a state Trump badly needed to beat Hillary, and it tuns out Zito pegged it right. Trump won Pennsylvania with over 40,000 more votes than Hilary in a state most in the media thought she couldn’t lose.