Ukraine’s Ambassador in Belgrade Oleksandr Aleksandrovych says Serbia’s vote against a UN resolution on Crimea “could return like a boomerang”.


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“There’s an English expression – ‘to shoot yourself in the foot’. I believe that is exactly what Serbia has done with such a vote, because at some point in the future, such a decision may come back like a boomerang in your efforts to keep Kosovo. I don’t understand why you are doing this,” Aleksandrovych has told the Belgrade-based newspaper Blic.


He said that he “tried to get an explanation from the government of Serbia about why Serbia voted against the resolution, but did not succeed.”


He added that he was “certain” that Serbia has changed its position of neutrality and restraint during the voting in the UN “because of pressure from Russia.”


“Let us remember the interview that Vladimir Putin gave to Bloomberg, when he openly said that Kremlin is ready to stop supporting Serbia on the Kosovo issue if, in return, the West recognized that Crimea is Russian. Maybe he directly threatened with the recognition of an independent Kosovo, I really do not know. From the standpoint of international law, Kosovo is Serb, Crimea is Ukraine,” the daily quoted the ambassador as saying.