Representatives of Transcarpathian Rusyns have decided to pursue their territorial autonomy in the Carpathians through the implementation of the 1991 referendum. This decision had been adopted by representatives of the community during the past two meetings. According to the leaders of Rusyn organizations, their community deserves an autonomous status and recognition as well as the Crimean Tatars.




The leader of the Rusyn movement and member of the Presidium “People’s Rada of Rusyns in Transcarpathia” Ivan Palinkash listed the basic requirements of Rusyns: “We have two main demands: the recognition of Rusyns as nationality and the recognition of a regional referendum of 1991 in which 78% of Transcarpathians voted for receiving the status of a self-governing territory within Ukraine. We believe that if the Transcarpathia will gain autonomy, nothing wrong will happen. We want to develop”. 


According to Palinkash, Rusyn’s requirements had been sent to Petro Poroshenko and the community is waiting for an answer from him.