After Monday’s truck terror rampage in downtown Berlin that left 12 dead, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has again come under fire by opponents. She is being blamed for not only the several terror attacks this year, which were organized by refugees, but also for supporting the Islamists who are flooding into Europe, Izvestia writes.



Marcus Pretzell, a member of the Alternative for Germany party, said: “These deaths are on Merkel’s conscience.” Similar statements came from other opposition parties’ representatives, although less frank ones.


Alexander Noy of the Left Party and a member of the defense committee in the Bundestag, who oversees foreign policy, security and relations with NATO, said there are too many questions to the German government if the Islamist terrorists are behind the attack.


“I have warned the government and Merkel several times that by supporting the US war in the countries of the Islamic world we provoke militants and that results in international security problems.” “Moreover, Germany jointly with other countries supports Islamists fighting against the Syrian government. But the support of the so-called moderate opposition also means the support of the Islamists. They have no friends and they wage their own “holy war” even against their backers.” The expert stressed that Germany needs to change its foreign policy immediately.


Research Director at the German-Russian Forum Alexander Rahr said the latest incident is “the heaviest blow against Angela Merkel, who opened Germany’s borders a year ago for 1.5mln refugees.” “This is already the fourth or the fifth case I remember when a person, who entered Germany pretending to be a refugee, turned out to be a terrorist. Although, so far the attacks were not so massive,” he said.