On Monday, Karlov was killed by a gunman at an art gallery exhibition opening in Ankara. Three other people were also injured in the attack. The Russian Foreign Ministry said it considers the attack a terrorist act.




“The murder of the Russian diplomat reflected the scale of the threat, which requires efforts, steps and cooperation with Russia from the part of the international community in countering terrorism and those who support it,” Zeinab Salem told RIA Novosti.


The lawmaker criticized the security measures taken by Ankara to protect, in particular, representatives of diplomatic missions.


“Turkish security forces have shown their inability to protect diplomatic missions. Turkey’s underestimating the threat of terrorist groups has led to the spread of terrorism and extremism, in particular, in Turkey, with the obvious failure of the security system,” the lawmaker added.


Salem expressed condolences to Russia on behalf of the Egyptian parliament, and added that the Egyptian legislature would prepare a respective statement.