The attempts of Kiev forces to penetrate the militia defenses of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic near Kalinovka and Logvinovo, in the outskirts of Debaltsevo, have failed, the LuganskInformCenter reported citing the militia command chief.


“All the attempts to break through our defense ended in complete failure for Kiev forces,” Col. Oleg Anaschenko told the news agency.


He said the weaponry used during the shelling had been withdrawn from the permanent storage facilities in violation of the Minsk peace agreements.


The LPR militias reported earlier that Ukrainian troops backed by artillery attempted an offensive of the Kalinovka village from Luganskoye on Sunday. Ten Kiev troops were killed and some 20 others were wounded. Two LPR servicemen were wounded and two more went missing.


Early on Monday, the Kiev forces started shelling the Logvinovo village, located some 4 km to the north of Kalinovka, using 152-mm artillery weapons and mortars.