As a result of 213 special operations targeting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) across 45 counties, seven terrorists were neutralized, the Yeni Safak newspaper said, citing the Turkish Interior Ministry’s statement.




As part of the operations, 700 kilograms (1,543 pounds) of explosives, five grenades and 53 guns were seized, while 24 shelters and 21 handmade explosives were destroyed, the newspaper added.


Operations followed a terrorist attack on December 10, when two bombs exploded near the Vodafone Arena Stadium in the Turkish city of Istanbul, killing at least 44 people, mostly police officers, and injuring about 150. The country’s authorities claimed that the PKK was behind the twin blast.


Tensions between Ankara and the Kurds, who are mainly populating the country’ southeast, escalated in July 2015 when a ceasefire between Turkey and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) collapsed over a series of terror attacks allegedly committed by the PKK members.