Russian Emergencies Ministry doctors continue to help Syrians physically injured during the hostilities, the ministry’s press service told TASS on Monday.




“More than 1,250 people, including 462 women and 375 children, have received medical assistance since the Emergencies Ministry doctors started working in Syria. Sixty-three [Aleppo] refugees, including 17 women and 23 children, who fled the area of military hostilities, have received treatment over the past 24 hours. Twenty-two of them have undergone surgery while 41 have sought therapeutic treatment,” the Emergencies Ministry said.


Anesthesiologist Viktor Belinsky from the Russian Emergencies Ministry detachment Centrospas said that most Syrians who had sought medical assistance from the Russian doctors were suffering from upper respiratory infections and rankled wounds, which they had failed to sterilize on time due to lack of qualified medical care.


“A wound, which is not ascepticized on time could become a source of various infections and a number of other diseases, which run down a patient’s physical condition to a point where they need hospital treatment. The Russian Emergencies Ministry doctors, using ambulatory care, are carrying out anti-bacterial therapy in a bid to prevent further complications,” Belinsky noted.


The Russian Emergencies Ministry’s aeromobile hospital can admit 50 patients for stationary treatment and provide outpatient treatment for up to 200 people. The hospital has an admission department, a surgical department with a recovery unit, two surgery departments, an intensive care unit, three hospital departments, an obstetric-gynecological unit, a diagnostics department as well as two departments for outpatient treatment.