Russia’s military and transport aircraft have delivered to the Hmeymim air base more than 40 tonnes of gifts collected for the children of Syria, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Monday.




“The gifts from children from all regions of Russia, who took part in the campaign, were taken by trucks to the Chkalovsky airport and were later sent to Syria,” the ministry said in a statement.


The servicemen of the Russian Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in Syria are currently handing out the gifts to the Syrian children. “The children will receive presents in all areas controlled by the government forces,” the ministry said, adding that some gifts will be taken to Aleppo, which was recently liberated from militants.


A 12-year-old Syrian girl, Sidra Zaarur, who underwent treatment in Russia in June – November, has already received a doll.


Pupils of schools and military education institutions in more than 20 Russian regions are taking part in the campaign called “Children of Russia to Children of Syria.” Launched in the Tula region, to the south of Moscow, the campaign became nationwide in less than a week.