The Ukrainian side has really suffered heavy losses near Debaltsevo as a result of today’s battles, admitted in his blog the Ukrainian propagandist Yuri Butusov, the editor-in-chief of the site «Censor» controlled by the Security Council Secretary, Alexander Turchinov.




‘… The heavy artillery is massively shelling the Ukrainian forefront positions. Unfortunately, serious losses are confirmed from various sources. There are dead and wounded. So far I can not refine the information as there is not a stable connection with the advanced units, they are in combat. We have failed to suppress the enemy artillery. Soldiers of the 54th brigade continue to hold their positions, trying to exactly respond the Russian aggressors … This is a bad day for the whole of Ukraine,’ writes Butusov.


According to him, the battle was caused by another attempt to seize the height 220 between the villages Logvinovo and Kalinovka in the «gray zone» near Debaltsevo, where there is a strong point of the Militias.


Butusov said that it was not the first time for Ukraine to attempt to attack at this site; in late June, there was killed a member of the extremist organization «Right Sector», Vasily Slipak, who had volunteered to take part in the punitive operations after being a soloist at the Paris Opera.