Kremlin’s aide notes at a meeting with US President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a clear answer to the allegations of Russia’s interference in the US presidential election



When commenting on media reports saying that during a private meeting Obama had warned Putin of serious consequences if Russia attempted to influence the election campaign, Ushakov said that “there was a private meeting during which this issue was touched upon.” “Russia gave a clear answer which was probably not consistent with what Obama tried to explain to us,” Ushakov said.


Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes earlier told MSNBC that at a private meeting Obama had told Putin Washington was keen to preserve the integrity of the electoral process.


Russia’s representatives have been repeatedly rejecting Washington’s allegations at various levels while the US has not yet provided any evidence.


On December 12, at a briefing, reporters asked White House Spokesman Josh Earnest to give a clear answer if Russia had somehow influenced the election. But Earnest just said that the US administration was gathering information at the moment adding that this question should be forwarded to Trump’s supporters including Congress members.