Russian-Japanese economic cooperation will allow creating a basis for developing partnership relations between the two countries and an effort is needed to unlock their potential, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at talks during a working breakfast with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


Putin, Abe


“I believe joint work in the economic track will help create a foundation needed to establish truly partnership relations between the two countries,” the Russian leader said, noting that the economies of Russia and Japan complement each other and have almost no competitive contradictions.


“We have to work on unlocking the potential of bilateral ties,” the Russian president stressed, expressing hope that Friday’s dialogue will map out the new goals for joint cooperation.


In his turn, Japan’s prime minister noted the prospects of bilateral cooperation. He said Russia and Japan have a big potential. “As the leaders of the two countries, we need to unlock this potential in the Japanese-Russian relations,” Abe said.


The Russian leader said the talks in Nagato on Thursday were substantive. “I want to thank you, Shinzo, and all your colleagues for a very warm atmosphere that was created yesterday during our work,” Putin told Abe.


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