The Japanese side understands better nowadays Russia’s concerns over the US implementing its missile defense program, including in Asia, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has told reporters, saying the issue was discussed earlier on Thursday by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.




“We have got an impression that the Japanese colleagues understand better now Russia’s concerns to this respect,” Lavrov said. He said it was understood that Russia and Japan are interested in cooperation on considering issues of security in the region, in spite of allied relations of Tokyo and Washington.


Lavrov said that at talks with the Japanese prime minister, Putin spoke in detail about the US missile defense, about its bid to create a next position area in Northeast Asia,” which we see as part of a global offensive weapons system of the United States in addition to missile defense bases in Europe, in the Mediterranean, and of course, now in Alaska,” he said.


On the whole, the leaders discussed common problems of security in the Asia-Pacific region, the top diplomat said. According to Lavrov, Russia and Japan are ready to cooperate within the framework of the Regional Security Forum under the ASEAN aegis, within the framework of East Asia summits and other formats, including ASEAN Defense Ministers’ meetings (ADMM-Plus).