At a dinner with Russian President Vladimir Putin Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe informed him about the progress that had been made on the eight point plan of cooperation between the two countries, Kyodo news agency reported.




It is expected that the economic cooperation which is being developed in accordance with the plan proposed by Abe, will become the main topic on the agenda on the second day of the Russian President’s visit to Japan.


On Friday, the two leaders will meet in Tokyo where they also to attend the Tokyo Economic Forum.


The eight-point cooperation plan to develop relations between the two countries was proposed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to Russian President Vladimir Putin during their meeting in Sochi on May 6. It envisages the development of relations between Japan and Russia in the energy sector, small and medium-sized businesses, the promotion of the industrialization of the Far East and the expansion of the export base. In addition, it contains a proposal to strengthen cooperation in advanced technologies, including the nuclear power industry, and in humanitarian exchanges.