Around 10 intergovernmental documents, as well as 12-15 commercial agreements and a series of other documents related to business are expected to be signed during Russian President’s upcoming visit to Japan on December 15-16, Presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said Tuesday.




“The preparations are not yet over, but we expect around 10 intergovernmental documents, 12-15 important commercial deals to be signed in the presence of President (Vladimir Putin) and Prime Minister (of Japan Shinzo Abe),” he said, adding that this will be followed by a “meeting (of the leaders) with representatives of the Russian-Japanese forum of business circles” where “around 50 more business contracts will be signed.”


“It is possible that the (Russian) president and the (Japanese) prime minister will make a statement on the establishment of the joint activity on the four Kuril Islands,” Ushakov said adding that this issue was still in the stage of negotiations. He noted there is no need to artificially stimulate hope over Russian-Japanese peace treaty.