Fancy Bears’ keep sharing anti-doping agencies’ materials. The leaked documents reveal that the U.S. and Canada have conspired against the International Olympic Committee before Rio 2016. They tried to further their political interests pretending to fight for clean sport.


Below is the correspondence between USADA officials discussing the ways to discredit the IOC and to set up an agency that could have authority over the IOC.



Following their intentions, USADA and the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport launched the joint Project Olympian. Legal assistance was provided by Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP.



The company helped USADA and CCES to initiate a lawsuit against the IOC. USADA and CCES addressed to Poland, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Austria and Finland seeking for their support.



The national agencies refused, however, to be involved in political plot set up by the U.S. and Canada. As a result, USADA and CCES had to pay all the court fees.



Project Olympian is still running despite the failure of the lawsuit against the IOC. The United States and Canada have been frustrated by the IOC’s strong and independent stance. USADA and CCES want to play political games instead of standing for clean sport. Their main goal is to put the IOC aside from taking decisions.