Ukrainian MP of V, VI, VII convocations Vladimir Oleynik to commence a lawsuit on recognition of a coup in Ukraine in 2014.




On December 15, 10:00 (Kiev time) would be heard a civil case № 2-5836/2016 on the relation of Vladimir Oleynik’s establishment of the fact having legal value – a coup.


Vladimir Oleynik put the question to prosecute German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Chairman of the Constitutional Council of France Laurent Fabius, Radoslaw Sikorski (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland in February 2014), Viktor Yanukovych (the President of Ukraine in February 2014) and Petro Poroshenko (Ukrainian MP in February 2014) as interested parties in this case.


Viktor Yanukovych has confirmed his participation in this process as an interested person.


N. Azarov (Prime Minister), A. Klyuev (Head of the presidential administration), V. Zakharchenko (Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine), A. Yakimenko (Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine), V. Pshonka (Attorney General of Ukraine), V. Ovcharenko (Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine) and others were also invited to the court for testimony. 


The plaintiff insists on outspokenness and maximum publicity of the trial.