Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov hopes that a new agreement with US on Aleppo will be more stable than the previous one.




“An absolutely unacceptable situation regarding the attempt to finalize the document unfolded a few days ago when a number of countries intentionally tried to veto Russia,” Ryabkov explained. “This situation is unacceptable. In a certain sense, we are also being forced to be cautious,” Ryabkov told.


“Where are these “credentials”, which could be used as the basis for concluding that the US administration has a consolidated approach to this matter and that there are no influential figures in Washington, the White House or security services who are conscientiously seeking to disrupt the agreements with Russia? the diplomat asked.


“We have stated many times and at various levels that we will never give up and will keep up our efforts using every opportunity. That is why it is possible to reach an understanding. Hopefully, this understanding and the new agreement will be more stable than those which we used to see in the past, ” the Russian deputy foreign minister remarked.