The remaining members of armed groups crushed at night in the ancient quarters of Aleppo have pulled out to the southern areas of the city via a special corridor, the Al-Manar TV channel reported on Wednesday.




The militants moved via a 700-meter corridor between a citadel and the Safsafah area. The Syrian army’s command agreed on their withdrawal from the historic part of the city to protect it from destruction and save the lives of civilians remaining there, according to the report.


At the moment, the Syrian army and the militias continue the mopping-up operation in the ancient quarters and are some 500 meters away from a medieval citadel. Some 100 militants stopped resistance there and surrendered to the Syrian forces.


The Syrian government forces and the militias are controlling more than 80% of eastern Aleppo’s territory seized during the incursion of militants in 2012. Experts expect the armed groups to go to the neighboring Idlib province as there is no point in the further resistance.


However, a member of the Istanbul-based National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, Samir Nashar, told the Al Arabiya TV channel that the armed opposition would not leave Aleppo and was preparing to “break the blockade.”