The Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria delivers humanitarian aid to residents of eastern parts of Aleppo every day while UK has not provided anything over the course of the war, Russian Defense Ministry’s official spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday.




He was commenting on the statement of UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s press secretary who told Daily Mail that Russia allegedly hampers delivery of humanitarian aid to Aleppo. “On the basis of Russophobia, the UK government has lost its ability to objectively assess the situation in Syria, including in Aleppo,” Konashenkov said. “I will remind my colleague that Syrian forces have liberated almost half of neighborhoods in the eastern part of the city controlled by militants since November 28,” he added.


“Over 90,000 civilians residing there were freed. Another 28,000 civilians, including 14,000 children, escaped from eastern parts of Aleppo controlled by militants to safe areas of the city. Over the course of this time, residents of eastern parts received every day humanitarian aid, medicine and warm clothes from the Russian reconciliation center and Syrian government. Over the years of the war in Syria, UK has not provided a gram of flour, a tablet or a blanket to help civilians,” Konashenkov said.


“If the UK government really wants to send humanitarian aid to residents of eastern areas (of Aleppo), there are all conditions for that, just tell us where it is stuck now. If there is no British humanitarian aid to Aleppo, don’t interfere with others’ efforts to help,” he concluded.