Francois Hollande’s five-year presidential term is ending with “political chaos and collapse of power,” former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, who recently won the primary race to become the French right’s presidential candidate, stated.




“The French president has clearly recognized his obvious failure, which does not allow him to move further,” Fillon wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday. “This five-year term of his duties is ending up with political chaos and collapse of power. More than ever, the recovery of France needs a strong basis — the truth, without which there is no confidence, and brave action.”


With polls saying that Francois Hollande would have not stood a chance against strong rivals like Fillon of Les Republicains or Marine Le-Pen of the far-right Front Nationale (FN), the French leader said he would not seek a second term in office in the upcoming election in 2017, becoming the first head of state not to stand for reelection in modern French history.


A new poll on Wednesday predicted he would win just seven percent of the vote in the first round of next year’s election in April, France24 reported, adding that Hollande is “the most unpopular president in French polling history.”


“I am aware today of the risk that going down a route that would not gather sufficient support would entail, so I have decided not to be a candidate in the presidential election,” Hollande acknowledged in a televised address on Thursday. 


Francois Fillon is likely to triumph over Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election runoff in May, with 66 percent of the vote going to the center-right candidate, the latest opinion poll by the Elabe Institute showed, BFM TV reported.


The survey indicated that Fillon and Le Pen would take the lead after the first round of voting in April, and will get to the runoff. In the later ballot in May, the 62-year-old former PM could get as much as 66 percent of the vote, with Le Pen likely to receive 34 percent.