Ukraine has stopped water supply to the Lugansk People’s Republic via Petrovskiy duct in the Kiev-controlled territory, LPR envoy to Minsk talks Vladislav Deinego told a news briefing at Lugansk Media Centre on Thursday.




“Ukraine reattempted to stop water supply from 1 December. This time, only one water supply line was shut down as Petrovskiy duct pumps were turned off at around 11 a.m.,” Deinego said. “Water is not supplied to Lugansk from this direction though head of the Lugansk regional military-civil administration appears to be unaware of it alleging in public statements that everything is operating.”


LPR envoy to the economic working group of the Contact Group Elena Kostenko said Ukrainian side informed LPR via the Contact Group of its plans to cut off water supply to the Republic starting 1 December.


Earlier LPR envoy Vladislav Deinego said that Kiev claimed 270 mln hryvnia ($1 mln) that Lugansk allegedly owes it for water supply as the leaders of the Normandy Four (Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine) were discussing the revival of stalled peace process in Donbass at roundtable talks in Berlin on Oct. 19-20, though the appropriate payment agreement is not signed yet.


Deinego noted that Article 8 of the Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements envisioned “Definition of modalities of full resumption of socio-economic ties, including social transfers such as pension payments and other payments (incomes and revenues, timely payments of all utility bills, reinstating taxation within the legal framework of Ukraine).”


He also noted that the work of the Contact Group working group for economic issues has been continuously hampered by Kiev cavilling DPR representative status – Kiev reps refuse to talk to DPR’s Maxim Leschenko without providing any reasonable argumentation or reliable information.