An airmobile hospital and medics of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations will be airlifted to Syria within the next few hours, Russian Minister for Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov said on Thursday.




“The hospital will be dispatched to Syria within the next few hours. We expect that today, but this will depend on the weather conditions,” he said. The minister said the hospital was expected to work in Syria for 30 days, with a possibility to have the term extended.


It has most experienced medics – physicians, surgeons, neuropathologists, trauma surgeons and cardiologists who have already worked in calamity zones in different parts of the globe.


The press service of the emergencies ministry said earlier that the airmobile hospital of its Tsentrospas rescue team is fully autonomous and can receive up to 200 patients a day, while its in-patient unit can accommodate 50 people.


It has intensive care, operational and diagnostic units, as well as ultrasonography equipment, an X-ray department, an ECG unit and a medical laboratory. The hospital can carry out most complicated surgeries.


In case of a need, the hospital can be airlifted to a zone of an emergency situation and receive first patients in already 40 minutes.


“The hospital will be deployed in the vicinity of Aleppo to provide highly-qualified, high-tech medical assistance to residents of that Syrian city hit by artillery bombardments by terrorist groups’ gunmen,” the ministry’s press service said on Tuesday.


“Among those who need emergency medical assistance are children, women and senior citizens who cannot get it to the full extent in Aleppo whose infrastructure has been destroyed and hospitals damaged,” it said.