More than 5,500 civilians, including over 2,800 children left militant-controlled areas of Syria’s Aleppo Tuesday with the help of Russia’s reconciliation center, a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday.


Aleppo residents


“Yesterday a total of 5,629 civilians, including 2,855 children, left militant-controlled areas in the eastern part of Aleppo with the assistance of the Russian reconciliation center,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.


The refugees took shelter in humanitarian centers. The shelters receive food, medicines and other necessities from the Syrian government and Russia.


However, Konashenkov said, UN officials, international aid groups and Western countries, who recently demanded passage to militant-held areas for aid convoys, failed to deliver any humanitarian cargo to the liberated districts.


“It turned out that two days after more than 90,000 Aleppo residents were freed from terrorists, the office of UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura, as well as the United Kingdom, France or the US Department of State filed no request to render humanitarian assistance to those people, although all the necessary conditions are in place for aid deliveries to the liberated districts now that the militants had left,” he said.


“Apparently, this aid was intended to some other people in eastern districts of Aleppo,” the official added.