Washington continues to support tens of thousands of members of the Syrian opposition forces, opposing the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, media reported, citing a statement of spokesman for the Pentagon, Eric Pahon.




“We continue to support tens of thousands of local Syrian counter ISIL [ISIS] forces in their efforts to reclaim territory from ISIL,” Pahon said.


At the same time, he clarified that the Pentagon‘s assistance is focused “on supporting forces that are from the local area to liberate that area, so that they can form the core of the hold force that will stay and protect their communities.”


Will remind, at the end of October, the US Department of Defense announced its intention to expand the training program of opposition fighters in order to allow them to participate in an operation to liberate the city of Raqqa from terrorists.


Who are these “tens of thousands” of Syrian oppositionists and where are they? But maybe, as usually, the Pentagon meant those “moderate rebels”, who still cannot break off a connection with Al-Qaeda…