After News Front agency’s report about Daesh-held captive Italian national, the official media as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted and started the proceedings.




On November 22, Tuesday, head of the English News Front department received a message in Facebook from a certain person, calling himself a jihadist from Syria. The message contained a video showing a prisoner who presumably seems to be an Italian citizen. Jihadist threatens that if the Italian government won’t take action, the captive will be executed.


In the video, the captive man holds a sheet with numbers 15.11.2016, which confirms the date of shooting.


After analyzing the speech, News Front managed to found that the purity of pronunciation gives reason to believe that a man is really Italian. 


“My name is Sergio Zanotti, I’m in captivity for 7 months already. I’m asking the Italian government to make a stand for me in the face of my possible execution”, says the prisoner.


Italian investigators say the video has been circulating on the Web for about a week and the Italian does not appear to have suffered a lot from his alleged seven months of imprisonment.


Investigators are reconstructing the man’s movements and have established that Zanotti did indeed leave Italy several months ago for Turkey, where he disappeared.