The presidential hopeful made a series of statements at the final rally in Paris two days before the second round of primaries.


Putin, Fillon


“If we do not create conditions for effective international coalition, if we refuse to ally with Russia, Islamic totalitarianism will continue to wreak the havoc,” he said at a rally at Porte de Versailles.


Fillon also urged Qatar and Saudi Arabia on Friday to expel from France the Salafist preachers — Sunni fundamentalists, who believe in a unified Islamic state and Sharia law.


“We must be free to say to Qatar and Saudi Arabia they must expel the Salafist preachers from the country,” he added.


He also said that in case of victory in the presidential elections he would pursue national interests of France and “no unions would be able to influence it.”


Late on Thursday, republican candidates Francois Fillon and Alain Juppe held final debates before the second round of primaries. Fillon attacked the policy of French President Francois Hollande with regard to Russia and called to restore cooperation with Moscow.


Last week, Fillon and Juppe won in the first round of The Republicans primaries with the former securing 44 percent of center-right voters while the latter, long thought to be the front runner, ended with just 28 percent. The second and final round of The Republicans primaries between Fillon and Juppe is set for November 27.


The first round of presidential elections in France is scheduled for April 2017.