The ministry said on Thursday that the Vice-Admiral Kulakov received a distress signal from a fishing vessel registered at the port of Mariupol with seven Ukrainian citizens on board. One of the vessel’s crew members has been treated for injuries.


Vice-admiral Kulakov


“The Northern Fleet’s large anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov completed the rescue operation towing the distressed Ukrainian fishing vessel No. 097 to the anchorage near Gavdos (30 miles south of Crete),” the ministry said.


It noted that the vessel would soon be transferred to Greek rescue services, and that its crew was in fair condition after rendered medical assistance.


The destroyer resumed operations as part of the naval task force stationed in the Mediterranean after wrapping up the rescue mission, the Russian ministry said.


The Ukrainian fishing vessel lost way on November 21 and was adrift for two days, the defense ministry said earlier, noting that the rescue operation was hampered by severe weather.