Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies in Serbia had ‘democratically’ rejected News Front journalists in accreditation to their event “NATO Week” in Belgrade. 


This organization is a radical pro-Western and Russophobic in structure. Its head Elena Milic is a well-known lobbyist of NATO interests in the Balkans. 


Representatives of the Center stated about the dangers of respect for the Russians in Serbia, as well as the threat from the Russian public and media resources. Despite the “democratic” western title, Euro-Atlantic Studies Center is somehow closed from the public and the media.


This time, News Front agency failed to get accreditation for the “NATO Week”. It seems that Elena Milic fears questions from the Serbian reporters on NATO’s role in the recent history of their country.


“Only personally invited media are allowed to cover the conference. Thank you for understanding”, says the letter rejecting the accreditation:




“Accreditation’s reject for our journalists seems logical against the background of the adopted by the EU resolution countering the Russian media. Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies is a typical lobbying structure, which exports perverted form of “democracy” to the Balkans. And it’s clear that News Front’s journalists presence is unneeded and unprofitable. 


In my opinion, stealthiness, real democracy’s substitution, infringement of the rights of freedom of speech, restrictions on the legitimate journalistic activity are contributing to the formation of a real understanding of the situation among the Europeans”, the head of the News Front agency Konstantin Knyrik commented on the “democratic” behavior of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies.


“Our team wasn’t particularly upset by the fact of denial. We had once again seen that the words and deeds of the Western model of “democracy” are two different options”, he stressed.