The Russian Emergencies Ministry has sent a humanitarian convoy to Donbass for the 58th time, the ministry’s press service told TASS on Thursday.


Humanitarian aid to Donbass


“The Russian Emergencies Ministry’s convoy with humanitarian aid for Donbass has set out toward the Russian-Ukrainian border from the Donskoy rescue center in the Rostov Region. It consists of 40 trucks that carry over 400 tonnes of humanitarian cargoes,” the press service said. The convoy will deliver food, necessities, medicine, building materials.


The convoy will split in two. Some trucks will go to the Donetsk border checkpoint, other vehicles — to the Matveyev Kurgan checkpoint. All trucks will undergo customs and border control in accordance with international laws on humanitarian aid delivery.


“Driving the trucks are experienced drivers-rescuers who have completed dozens of humanitarian operation across the world. Paramedics and technicians are also part of the convoy, and they are ready to provide timely assistance to drivers and those accompanying the cargo,” the press service said.


Alexander Lekomtsev, head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s Noginsky Rescue Center, told TASS that another convoy will be sent to Donbass in December.


Since August 2014, Russian Emergencies Ministry’s convoys have delivered over 65,000 tonnes of humanitarian cargoes to Donbass.