A crowd of ‘Brexiteers’ gathered outside the British parliament to urge a speedy exit from the European Union. Demonstrators accused the government of using loopholes to prevent the departure from taking place.


The Wednesday protest reportedly drew around 200 people, with demonstrators shouting “What do we want? Brexit! When do we want it? Now!” during the event.


Others held banners including slogans such as “Hard Brexit Now” and “Theresa May, don’t delay. We want Brexit right away.” 


The demonstrators said they’re frustrated with the British government, as very little has been done to begin the exit process since the June 23 vote to leave the European Union. 


They’re calling on Article 50 – the process by which Britain will leave the EU – to be triggered immediately, with some claiming the government is trying to “undermine” those who voted for the UK to leave the bloc.