The Syrian army forces attacked the militants’ positions and supply routes in the villages and towns of Murek, Atraf al-Buwaiza, Sakik, Atshan and Wadi Huwair in the Northern parts of Hama, killing over 50 terrorists and smashing their command center, arms cache and 6 military vehicles.


Syrian jet


Meantime, the Syrian fighter jets pounded the terrorists’ bases in Murek and the nearby areas, Tal Huwair, North of Ma’an, Zour al-Tayyebah, Sakik, al-Zalaqiyat, Atshan, North of Souran and East of Jabin, Abour Aidi, East of al-Sayyad and al-Haisa in the Northern parts of Hama which killed several terrorists and destroyed their tanks and military vehicles.


In the Southern parts of Idlib, the Syrian army forces attacked Jeish al-Fatah’s hideouts and gatherings in al-Tamane’ah and regions to its West, Khan Shaikhoun and South of Sarja, killing a large number of terrorists and blewing up their centers and vehicles.


Also, on Wednesday, the Syrian fighter jets carried out tens of sorties over the terrorists’ supply routes which link Idlib and Hama provinces to Aleppo to prevent transfer of fighters, weapons and ammunition.


Concurrent with the continuation of the Syrian army’s anti-terrorism operations in different parts of Aleppo city, the army aircraft carried out several combat flights over the supply roads used by the terrorists in the provinces of Idlib and Hama in order to prevent dispatch of fresh militants and equipment to the terrorist groups in Aleppo.


The Syrian bombers targeted a long convoy of terrorists’ vehicles on Hama-Idlib highway that is one of the terrorists’ most important lines of movements, killing a number of Jeish al-Fatah’s terrorists and destroying their military vehicles.


The warplanes bombed terrorists’ positions in the towns and villages of Saraqib, Ma’arat al-Nu’aman, Khan Shaikhoun, Taftnaz, Banish, al-Latamina, Taybat al-Imam and Kafr Zita.


A military source said that the Syrian fighter jets are flying continuously over the militant-held regions in Hama and Idlib to monitor the supply lines to Aleppo, adding that since army’s large-scale operations are underway in Aleppo, the country’s warplanes are monitoring terrorists’ communication lines to this province.