It would be preliminary to speak about changes in the EU attitude towards Russia for the better, the Russian President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.


“It is difficult to make conclusions based on pre-election statements. What is more important is manifestation of those intentions the current government is already trying to implement. So far one cannot speak about changing trends in the policy of the current heads of the European countries, there are still many issues which can be solved and which are difficult to solve,” he said.


According to Peskov, the current EU authorities are short on possibilities for settlement of their disagreements with Russia by means of dialogue.


“So far we see that the current leaders are incapable of solving those problems, which could be solved in the near future, by using equitable dialogue and taking into account interests of each other,” the spokesman said.


Peskov said that intentions of several candidates of the presidential race in France to hold the dialogue with Russia absolutely correspond with the mood in Moscow


“Yes, we have serious disagreements but we should not block the development of our relations in those areas where they are possible, where it is necessary in the interests of people of our countries,” he said.