The collaboration between Moscow and Bern on the issue of delivering aid to war-torn Syria is of great importance, Ambassador of Switzerland to Russia Pierre Helg told Sputnik.


Pierre Helg


“The interaction with Russia is important as Russia is also sending the humanitarian aid [to Syria], and it would be wrong [for both of us] to do the same thing. Russia is focusing on delivering food and clothes to the people in need, we [are focused on] water purification facilities,” Helg said.


The ambassador added that Switzerland was not sending humanitarian convoys to Syria due to large distance between the two countries, but the Swiss government was making donations to the organizations that could contribute to solving the crisis on the ground, including the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.


The Russian center for Syrian reconciliation regularly delivers humanitarian aid to various Syrian provinces ravaged by the ongoing conflict between the government forces, opposition groups and terrorist organizations, such as the Islamic State, outlawed in Russia and many other countries, and Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, formerly the Nusra Front.