“The targeting of the country’s government buildings and infrastructure, specially hospitals and schools, by the Syrian army is impossible,” al-Ahmad said on Monday.


ISIS Prepares Children Army to Conduct Suicide Attack in Iraq, Syria


Al-Ahmad underlined that whatever the western media propagate about the destruction of Aleppo hospitals by the Syrian army is sheer lie by the West in a bid to help the terrorist groups.


In relevant remarks in early October, Syrian President Bashar Assad said allegations that his government is targeting hospitals and civilian infrastructure in Syria are “untrue”.


Assad said, in an interview with Denmark’s TV 2 channel, that the Syrian government does not issue orders to target hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure or to kill civilians, and insisted that allegations about such attacks are untrue as such actions are not in the interest of the government more than others.


“The claims that this is our aim as a government, that we give the orders to destroy hospitals or schools or to kill civilians, this is against our interest,” he added.


The Syrian president also criticized policies of European states towards Syria, saying that the European governments do not dare to follow an independent course of their own in politics and only follow that of the Americans.