The Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Parties in Syria has delivered more than a tonne of relief aid to refugees from the rebel-held area of eastern Aleppo, the center’s representative Danil Rychkov said.




“Today, we are carrying out a humanitarian operation in a refugee camp in the al-Jamila district. Bread, sugar and vegetable oil have been distributed among the refugees from eastern Aleppo. All in all, about a tonne of relief cargo was delivered,” Rychkov noted.


According to the representative, in compliance with the Aleppo governor’s decision, a joint humanitarian effort has got underway in the city and the surrounding areas where forcibly displaced persons, who are in urgent need of aid, are staying.


He added that the Russian military was also planning to visit the Al-Aran locality in the as-Safira district to help the local residents and refugees there.