Russia is calling to develop the active talks on political aspects of the settlement in Donbass, Russia’s ambassador to OSCE, Alexander Lukashevich, told the OSCE Permanent Council meeting in Vienna on Thursday.




“It is necessary to develop active talks at the respective working subgroup of the Contact Group on political aspects of the settlement,” he said. “The overwhelming political solution suggests implementation of the permanent law on a special status of Donbas, a constitutional reform which fixes that status.”


“It is necessary to stop the sabotage of agreements on modality of the local elections and settlement of the issue of amnesty,” he continued. “Kiev’s position is that only supporters of the special status of Donbass need the amnesty.”


“We call to overcome that delusion, especially those who is responsible for beginning of the punitive operation against people living in Donbass, which some call unreasonably “counterterrorist”.”


Besides, he continued, the exchange of prisoners is being protracted.


“Kiev would not release even the injured or sick,” the diplomat said.


“The Minsk agreements remain having no alternatives for peaceful settlement of the crisis in Ukraine,” he said. “It is to our interests to insist their soonest fulfilment, and not to wait for Kiev to have whatever ripe conditions for that, as they may never appear at all.”