Progress in implementation of the Minsk peace accords was not sufficient to make decisions on removing sanctions against Russia, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday at a joint news conference with Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy after the talks of leaders of the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, the US and France.




“We discussed the Ukraine-related sanctions,” Merkel said. “We want to achieve progress towards implementing the Minsk agreement. We will continue the work and at a certain moment, we will make a decision what to do next.”


Merkel said that “the way how the situation is developing now cannot allow to talk about sufficient progress in the Minsk process.”


Along with this, she said that the leaders voiced support to the format of the Normandy Four group (Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine).


“In this regard the US president and we all said we support the Normandy Four format and close cooperation with the United States on the issue,” Merkel added.