Despite constant attempts by terrorists to prevent residents from fleeing the terrorist-held neighborhoods, an apparent attempt to use civilians as ‘human shields’ against the advancing Syrian forces, the desperate people keep trying to reach the safety of government-controlled areas.


Aleppo residents


Mahmoud Alukasyr, who now lives with his family in a humanitarian center established near the city, is one of those who succeeded, according to RIA Novosti.


“Militants raided my district, killed my brother because he served in the army, so me and my family fled to the al-Jamiliah district. Now we live here in this humanitarian center. I want to thank the Russian government and Russian people who support us; we’ll never forget this,” he said.


Amun Gadir, another refugee residing in that humanitarian center, said that she’s been living there for five years now, ever since terrorists stormed the Salah-ad-Din district where she used to live.


“I hope that I will be able to return home thanks to the victories of the Syrian army and the support of our Russian friends,” she added.


Meanwhile, Daniil Rychkov, spokesman for the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, said that the military delivered yet another humanitarian shipment to the refugees from eastern Aleppo.


“A humanitarian aid is being delivered today in the Jamaliah district for refugees from eastern Aleppo. Bread, sugar and cooking oil are being distributed. The total weight of humanitarian supplies delivered is approximately one tonne,” Rychkov announced.


He further explained that per the decision of Aleppo’s governor, humanitarian operations are being conducted in all of the city areas and in the adjacent territories where forcibly displaced persons live.